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Advantages of Blister Packaging

Release Time: 2021-04-22 10:16:34         Hits: 112

With the enrichment of People's Daily life the diversification of consumer products, the packaging of goods has become diversified.

Next, Let sunyo plastic to explain the advantages of blister packaging:

Its advantages are as follows:

1. with excellent transparency smoothness, good display effect.

2. the surface decoration performance is good, can be printed without surface treatment, easy to press the pattern, easy to metal treatment (vacuum gold-plated layer)

3.  It has good mechanical strength.

4.  Good barrier performance for oxygen water vapor.

5.  Good chemical resistance, can withstand a variety of chemical substances erosion.

6.  Non-toxic, reliable health performance, can be used for food, medicine medical equipment packaging, can be Y ray [SPAN] to the packaging of the goods.

7. Good adaptability to environmental protection, can be economical convenient recycling;When the waste is incinerated, it does produce harmful substances harmful to the environment.This type of sheet is considered to be an ideal packaging material to meet the environmental protection requirements (ROSH).

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